Collapse ; How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive

Anglais Collapse ; How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive (édition en anglais)

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From groundbreaking writer and thinker Jared Diamond comes an epic, visionary new book on the mysterious collapse of past civilizations - and what this means for our future. Why do some societies flourish, while others founder? What happened to the people who made the forlorn long-abandoned statues of Easter Island or to the architects of the crumbling Maya pyramids? Will we go the same way, our skyscrapers one day standing derelict and overgrown like the temples at Angkor Wat?

Bringing together new evidence from a startling range of sources and piecing together the myriad influences, from climate to culture, that make societies self-destruct, Collapse also shows how unlike our ancestors we can benefit from our knowledge of the past and learn to be survivors.

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Jared Diamond

Biologiste, évolutionniste, physiologiste, historien et géonomiste américain, Jared Diamond est l'auteur d'une œuvre scientifique puissante, destinée au grand public et récompensée par de nombreux prix. De lui, les Éditions Gallimard ont récemment publié Effondrement (NRF Essais, 2006, Folio essais n° 513), Pourquoi l'amour est un plaisir (Folio essais n° 531), Le monde jusqu'à hier (NRF Essais, 2013, Folio essais n° 599).